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50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Bird Friendly



Canadian/Indie Supplier

Cruelty Free/No Factory Farming


Palm Oil Free

Reduced Plastic


Gluten Free

Why is Birds and Beans selling soap?

At this time of unprecedented global upheaval, many of us are considering what really matters. 

We have. 

And we find ourselves deepening, broadening and refining our understanding of sustainability, and our appreciation of life’s simple pleasures.

For the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we celebrate our record … and lean in. 

Almost 20 years ago we established this company to support the efforts of our Bird Friendly Coffee growers who preserve forest habitat in Latin America.  And we continuously improve our ecological footprint in every way we can.

This week we expand our Curators’ Corner to include many more items that meet our high standards of quality and sustainability. 

While the selection may seem a bit random at the moment, our aim is to connect independent suppliers who are trying to make a difference with consumers who want to support them in their efforts. 

We have tried all the products and we love them!  Many have been ingredients in our eats for years while others have been our favourites in our home pantries.

For example, we are offering soap and shampoo bars that are palm oil free and are packaged without plastic!  And we are adding Huron Sun organic sunflower oil made from Ontario grown sunflower seeds and processed in Ontario.  And I can’t wait for the Nuts to You Nut Butters are not only certified organic, but are produced by an Ontario family business! 

Every item has a story, and we want to share them all!  We believe that food connects us, and that sensing the connections can bring joy and strengthen community.

We hope you will join with us and live an ever more sustainable life full of simple pleasures.

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