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Curated! I love my Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets, along with other scented household products including fabric softeners, contain a cocktail of industrial chemicals.  As single use items, they do not biodegrade but do leach their chemicals. These convenience items are not necessary!

Moss Creek Wool Works hand crafts each dryer ball from pure wool.  No colourings or scents added… just pure wool from free range sheep.

Using 3 balls in a dryer load leaves clothes static free and reduces wrinkling. If you want to scent your clothing, you can add for favourite essential oil to the dryer ball!  Fragrance without industrial chemicals. Yay!

And using wool dryer balls can reduce the drying time significantly (20%-50%).   Given the dryer’s high use of electricity (you see that plug!) this is a meaningful reduction.  No single use dryer sheets can do that.  

Use these dryer balls up to 500 times! And then, well, they are wool! … leave them to naturally biodegrade.

The packaging is not only delightful, but also plastic free!  And did I mention they are down the road in Norfolk County?

All of our curators’ corner items are available in in-store only.

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