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Curated! Lets ditch some Plastic

Have you ever considered the quantity of plastic in the packaging and product of dental floss?  It might be a small thing, but everything we do is small until we add it up through our lifetime and across a population.  And when there is a great alternative, why wouldn’t we choose it?

SenzaBamboo dental floss is 100% plastic free.  The floss is made of natural silk.  By spinning the floss cleverly into a cocoon, they were able to ditch the plastic knob in the middle.  The cocoon is sealed in a waterproof cornstarch bag that is placed in a paper box.

This is what is possible by just trying and committing. 

We also added their charcoal infused toothbrush with bamboo handle and 100% compostable packaging. 

All of our curators’ corner items are available in in-store only. 

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