About Web Ordering

About Ordering, Pickup, Accounts and Communicating

Order for Pickup

This is a site for ordering ASAP pickup at our pickup window. If you are looking for product to be shipped, please visit our main website. We endeavour to provide the same great service for web orders as we always have for takeout customers.  If you have any concerns, please come in and talk with us in person or call 416 913 9221. 

We will make it right … just like we always have.

Orders prepared on ASAP Basis

We will prepare your order as soon as possible. Checkout is enabled as long as we are open.

Web-Order and Walk-in Queue

We are trying to serve walk-in and online take-away orders at the same time so we ask that you understand the limitations of this as we try to navigate this new way of serving our customers.

With the Now Serving tool you can compare your web-order number with the one currently being served at the café. You can find it in the footer of every page.

Special Instructions

Please leave any special instructions in the Order Notes.  

Availability and Shortages

We encourage you to consult the Today’s Availability (and Shortage) post.  We update it at the beginning of each day.  Although we are not able to keep it up to the minute accurate, we hope that in combination with the texting feature, you find it helpful.  

If we do not have any item you ordered as requested, we will text you to determine your decision, be that substitution, deletion from the order, or cancelling the order.  We’ll email you if you didn’t give us your text number.

Text Us!

Please text us if you have questions or want to check availability prior to placing your order.  You can find our SMS in the footer of every page and, on a mobile device  there is an SMS bubble on the bottom left anywhere on this site. Tap it to message us. We will reply ASAP but we may be serving walk-in and web orders, making drinks, assembling and serving orders.  This is all new to us and we need to find a rhythm.

Pickup at our Pickup Window

When we have prepared your order, we will mark it complete and send you a text and an email.  If you setup an account, you can also see its status on your orders page. 

You can find the pickup window facing Mimico Square. 
Your order will be marked up with your order number.

Your Account

While we do allow guest checkout, we recommend setting up an account.  Setting up an account will enable you to order/checkout faster. We also offer specials and discounts to account holders making regular purchases.

Safely store payment details

We never have access to your payment details.  They are safely exchanged once with our payment processing provider.  If you choose to store payment information for future transactions, they create a ‘token’ unique to your payment card and only usable by Birds & Beans Café.  


From your account’s order page, you can reorder past orders with the ‘order again’ feature. It will fill your cart with the previous items and options. If you stored your card, checkout is just a couple of clicks or taps!

Thank you!

Thank you for supporting local independent business.  While current circumstances reduce contact, we are doing our best to serve you well. By ordering from Birds & Beans Café, you’re not only helping a local business during this difficult time, you’re also doing your part for the environment and our supplier’s local economy. For this, we thank you. 

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