Human Readable Service Promise

Human Readable Service Promice

I tried to read our legalese Terms and Conditions and wow! 

So I decided to write this to try and help us understand each other.  

We believe we have an excellent product at a fair price.  We built this business on happy, repeat customers and we will do our best to count you among them.  If you have a problem, we invite you to work with us to resolve it.

We work really hard to ensure the information here is correct and complete.  If we’ve made a mistake, we’ll fix it.  

If we are unable to serve your order complete as specified, we will contact you and, substitute, delete the item from the order for a partial refund, or cancel the order for full refund. See our page: about web ordering.

We’ll do everything reasonable on our end to resolve problems equitably and fairly.  

We think you will find web ordering with us is above and beyond the T&C legalese!