Takeout and Pickup Store


Takeout and Pickup Store

Macchiato - 4 oz

Pickup Instructions are here.     Want something shipped? See the Roastery Store.

$3.80 plus HST if applicable

2 shots of fair trade, organic, bird friendly espresso with 2oz of textured organic 10% cream. Served in a biodegradable cup with a biodegradable lid and a recyclable paper sleeve.

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Espresso Bar COVID-19 Protocols

Convenience without compromise.

Walk-through Takeout

  • Masks mandatory for entry
  • Sanitize hands on entry
  • Capacity 2 Customers
  • Maintain 2m distance from others
  • One Way Flow
    (in front door, out back door)
  • Electronic Payments only (no cash)
  • Pickup order at pickup window

Web-Order Pickup

  • Order Online
  • Have questions?  Text us
  • Receive a text when order is ready
  • Pickup at pickup window